Following the Shoreham Airshow accident, all ex-military jet aircraft were restricted to non-aerobatic displays at UK airshows which took place over land. While this restriction will remain in place for swept-wing jets for the foreseeable future, the restrictions have now been lifted for ex-military jets with straight wings as a recent update to the CAA Civil Air Display review states:-

The CAA has confirmed that restrictions on swept wing ex-military jet aircraft, introduced after the Shoreham airshow accident, will remain in place.

Following publication of the final Shoreham accident report and the enhancements to airshow safety introduced since 2015, precautionary restrictions on straight wing ex-military jet aircraft will be lifted. This will enable these aircraft to conduct full aerobatic displays at all UK airshows rather than the restricted displays they have performed for the past two years.

This will come into effect on the publication of a revised safety notice on 28 February 2018.

In addition the CAA has published a response to the AAIB recommendation that the CAA will undertake a study to identify and publish meaningful safety indicators for civil display flying. The response can be viewed here.