The Spanish Air Force has posted some details of the international airshows and events they intend to participate in during the 2018 display season on their website.

The provisional listing is as follows:-


  • 25th-29th – ILA Berlin, Germany – (Patrulla Aguila)


  • 2nd – Air Expo, Muret, France – (C.16 Typhoon)
  • 10th – Danish Airshow, Aalborg, Denmark  – (C.16 Typhoon)
  • 17th – Festival Internacional de Motril, Spain (C.16 Typhoon, Patrulla Aspa)


  • 13th-15th – Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, UK – (Patrulla Aguila)
  • 21st-22nd – Festival Aéreo de Gijon, Spain (Patrulla Aguila, C.15 Hornet x 2)
  • 27th-28th – Festival Aéreo Torre del Mar, Spain (Patrulla Aguila, C.16 Typhoon)


  • 25th-26th – 100th Anniversary of the Polish Air Force, Radom, Poland – (Patrulla Aguila)


  • 1st-2nd – Slovak International Air Fest, Silac, Slovakia – (C.15 EF-18M Hornet)
  • 8th-9th – Belgian Air Force Days, Kleine Brogel, Belgium – (C.15 EF-18M Hornet)
  • 15th-16th – NATO Days and 100th Anniversary of the Czech Air Force, Ostrava, Czech Republic – (C.16 Typhoon)
  • 22nd-23rd – Athens Flying Week, Tanagra, Greece – (C.15 EF-18M Hornet)


  • 13th-14th – Free Flight World Masters, Saint-Maxime, France (Patrulla Aspa)