Are you looking for a display act for your show or event? Or are you looking for someone to manage your event? In the directory you’ll find the most comprehensive list of links to UK and european based display acts that regular appear at UK air shows. There is also a list of support and management organisations that can help you put on that special event.

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Aerobatic and Team Displays
  • aeroSPARX – a Night Air-Display Revolution
  • Airborne Pyrotechnics – The Sydney Charles Display Team
  • Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers – The World’s only Formation Wingwalking Display Team
  • – Mark Jefferies displays the awesome Extra 330SC
  • Baltic Bees Jet Team – Proffessional civilian jet team based in Latvia
  • The Blades – The UK’s First Full Time Fourship Display Team flying Extra EA300LP
  • Breitling Jet Team – The Premier Civilian Jet Display Team flying L-39 Albatross
  • British Aerobatic Academy – The British Aerobatic Academy is the only aerobatic academy in the UK. Adrian Willis is am the chief instructor for the British Aerobatic Academy and can offer dymnaic and exciting displays in either the Extra 200 or Sukhoi Su-29.
  • The CAPTENS – Precision formation aerobatics in the classic CAP 10
  • G-FORCE Aerobatics – Dramatic aerobatic displays at your air show, open day or fete, private event, wedding or corporate day
  • EZ Display – The Rutan Model 61, Long-EZ is a homebuilt aircraft, designed by Burt Rutan (pronounced “ Long Easy”).Flown by Dan Gay. Dan Lives in Norfolk but is originally from Chicago.
  • FireFlies Aerobatic Team – The FireFlies consist of two Vans RV4 aircraft flown by Pilots Jon Gowdy and Andy Durston performing both day and twilight shows.
  • Fokker Four – Fourship display of Fokker S11 Instructors
  • Gerald Cooper Aerobatics – Stunning aerobatic displays in the Xtreme Air XA41 from UK Champion Aerobatic pilot Gerald Cooper
  • gliderFX Display Team – Unique Aerobatics in the world’s best aerobatic gliders including twilight displays and banner towing
  • Gyro Air Display – Something refreshingly New and Different for Air Display season. Autogyro displays by Peter Davies
  • Invert.Me.Uk – Aerobatics from Justyn Gorman in the Extra 300L and Vans RV4
  • Jump4Heroes – Royal British Legion Parachute Display Team
  • Lauren Richardson Airshows – Aerobatics in the Pitts S-1S Special
  • Matadors Aerobatic Team – The amazing duo of Xtreme Air XA41s flown by Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones
  • O’Brien’s Flying Circus – Crazy Flying and Trailer Top Landing displays by Brendan O’Brien
  • Raven Display Team – Vans RV Formation Display Team
  • Patrouille REVA aka Space Kinghts
  • Phil Burgess Aerobatics – Aerobatic Displays in the Rihn DR-107 One Design and Pitts S-1C Special
  • Rich Goodwin Airshows – The Ultimate Biplane for Air Show Entertainment
  • Scandinavian Airshow II – Pitts Python, Pitts S2B “Wasp” and the Skycats Wingwalkers
  • Simon Johnson – Aerobatic displays by one of the UK’s top competition pilots
  • Stampe Formation Team – The Stampe formation display team is an airshow act in the finest traditions of classical barnstorming aviation from the 1930s and 40s.
  • Team Phoenix – The worlds first amputee aerobatic formation air display team
  • The Tiger 9 – Aeronautical Display Team of nice de Havilland Tiger Moths
  • The Tiger Club’s Turbulent Team – The Team’s Official Website
  • The Twister Aerobatics Team – Exciting synchronised and formation aerobatic displays led by Peter Wells
  • Ultimate High – Precision Aerobatics in Extra 300s
  • Wildcat Aerobatics – Wildcat aims to deliver a crowd-thrilling formation aerobatic spectacular, primarily in East Anglia and will partake in airshows and display at other events both public and private from 2012 onwards
  • Wingwalking UK – Wingwalking displays flown by Mike Dentith and Tony Richards
  • Victors Formation Team – The Victors are a formation team that provides demonstrations with 4 Piper PA28 aircraft.
  • The Yakovlevs – Four ship, Two Ship and Solo displays in Yak-50s and a Yak-Super-52
Pyrotechnic Air Display Teams
10th Bournemouth Air Festival - Image © Paul Johnson/Flightline UK

10th Bournemouth Air Festival – Image © Paul Johnson/Flightline UK

Twilight pyrotechnic air displays have become a firm highlight of many events around the UK and Europe recently. The range of these displays continues to grow with gliders, light aircraft and even helicopters being modified to carry fireworks and LED lighting.

AeroSPARX – a pair of Grob 109s modified with stunning LED effects and wingtip pyrotechnics

Airborne Pyrotechnics / Sydney Charles Display Team – We can offer spectacular, quiet or loud, affordable displays  with one, two or three aircraft, for weddings, garden parties and air displays.

Blanix Team – The performance by the Blanix-team includes classic aerobatics in addition to the mirror flight, which have to be presented either synchronised or practically in display. The show is supported by some soft music as well as smoke and light effects on the wingtips.

O’Brien’s Flying Circus – Firework spectaculars with a Piper J3C Cub and ‘OTTO the Helicopter’

Fireflies Aerobatic Team – We are one of the few aerobatic display teams in the world able to offer twilight pyrotechnic air displays, and a display from the FireFlies is guaranteed to be a truly unforgettable experience for your event, be it large or small, day or evening.

GliderFX – We are offer stunning and unique aerobatic displays in the world’s most exciting aerobatic gliders aided by wingtip smoke and pyrotechinics.

Johan Gustafsson Airshows – Twilight Glider Aerobatics by Swedish Champion Aerobatc Pilot, Johan Gustafsson

Pilots of the Purple Twilight – The Pilots of the Purple Twilight offer unique aerial pyrotechnic spectaculars for special events. Our highly experienced display pilots will tailor their displays to your event whether it is large and small. We can offer displays for weddings, parties and corporate events held at a wide variety of locations and if suitable can even land to meet and greet your guests.

Scandinavian Airshow – Aerial Firework Displays in the mighty Grumman AgCat

Twister Aerobatics Team – Beautiful formation pyrotechnic air displays with the Silence SA1100 Twister

Mark Jefferies Aerobatics – Pyrotechnic aerobatic displays by UK National Aerobatic Champion Mark Jefferies


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