is reporting that F1 has made a move to remove displays by military aircraft from its race weekends. In an email seen by the publication that was sent to race promoters, the move is part of F1’s desire to make its events carbon neutral and to “support F1’s sustainability objectives.” The ban would come into effect for the 2022 F1 Season and beyond.

As well as the environmental issues. there have also been concerns about military posturing and countries taking the oppotunity to use F1 to display their military strength.

Displays by national display teams have long been popular additions to F1 weekends with perhaps Red Arrows displays at the Britiah Grand Prix and the spectacular flypasts by Il Frecce Tricolori at Monza being the most famous. The BBC’s Andrew Benson reported on the 21st January that displays and flypasts from these national display teams may still be permitted as they are not so closely linked to frontline military hardware. However the ban will affect flypasts like those seen at the US Grand Prix in 2021 which was conducted by AH-64 Apache gunships and Chinook transport helicopters or that seen at the Belgian Grand Prix which has involved their solo F-16 Display.

Flying activities at race weekend have not however been completely banned. Displays by sponsor airlines will be allowed if the aircraft use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) as was done at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021 with Etihad Airlines performing a flyover with its Boeing 787-9 ‘Greenliner.’ The door may also be open to Red Bull to use its historic aircraft fleet at the Austrian Grand Prix.

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