The revised CAA Schemes of Charges, effective as from 1 April 2018, are now available. ORS5 No. 323 which covers general aviation and air displays can be downloaded from here.

The CAA’s responses to the consultation on these charges has been published in document CAP 1626.

Amongst the major changes to the charging structure are reduced prices for small air displays consisting of 1 to 3 display items. The CAA had proposed a charge of £390 but will now reduce these costs significantly. CAP 1626 states “we have agreed two new provisions that will encourage a greater number of events to be held in the charge band for the 1 – 3 display items and promote the opportunity for new and less experienced display pilots to obtain greater opportunities to extend and hone their flying display skills.”

The revised costs for 1-3 item displays are:-

In addition, the CAA has introduced further measures to encourage display organisers to give experience to newly qualified display pilots. CAP1626 states “A display pilot operating within the first 25 months from initial evaluation for the grant of a Display Authorisation is called a Tyro Display Authorised (TDA) pilot. To help facilitate the opportunity for newly qualified TDAs to gain experience and exposure within the flying display community, Flying Display Directors (FDDs) may offer up to a maximum of 2 slots per flying display to TDAs without incurring any extra charge should the additional item(s) move their display into a higher price band. TDA slots become available once the maximum number of display items in each price band have been occupied.”

The maximum number of TDAs permitted at a flying display are:-