The RAF Chinook Display Team have confirmed on their social media that there will be no dedicated Chinook Display for the 2024 season. There will however be some limited appearances by Chinooks performing role demonstrations at a few events.

The statement on Facebook read “Due to ongoing global operational commitments, particularly in support of our NATO partners, the Chinook Force will not be conducting their full display this year. 2024 will see a reduced programme of events which will involve a role demonstration showcasing the aircraft’s incredible capabilities.”

With no Apache displays in recent years, the Chinook Display has been been Joint Helicopter Commands primary airshow asset at events in the UK and Europe. This is not the first time Chinook appearances have been ‘limited’ to a role demonstration. During the 2010 season, the RAF Odiham crews performed a role demonstration at a number of high profile events showcasing the aircraft’s ability to support ground forces with underslung loads.

In a recent request for information JHC confirmed on the 1st March “Joint Helicopter Command is still to finalise its aircraft’s participation at events and air shows in 2024.