Flight Lieutenant David “Turbo” Turnbull has been named as the 2024 RAF Typhoon Display Pilot. ‘Turbo’ and all of the Typhoon Display Team are drawn from No 29(R) Squadron based at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire. The team encompasses specialists from every aircraft trade who, along with support and management teams work together to bring you the dazzling spectacle that is the Typhoon Display.

Speaking to Forces.net Turbo’ said: “It’s such an honour and a privilege to fly the display this year. I’m standing on the backs of giants, really, who are helping me out with the display this year.

I’ve only flown it[the display] once so far but we’re going to be working down the heights, but I absolutely loved it,” he explained. “I loved the G [G-force] and how the manoeuvres linked together. There’s a couple of new things coming up, obviously they might be tweaked as I work down to display height. I look forward to the slow speed pass, I think that will be good.  There’s some negative G manoeuvres, which although feel awful for me, hopefully will look good for you!