Following the tragic loss of Frecce pilot Captain Alessio Ghersi, Il Freece Tricolori have returned to training at Rivolto Air Base. They will fly a nine-ship routine for the remaining commitments of the 2023 Display Season. 

On their social media the team posted “With an acrobatic flight in 9 airplanes we felt the duty and desire to fly again in Alessio’s honour, imagining and feeling him strongly among us, by our side. A symbolic flight that had for all of us, pilots and members of the 313° Gruppo, the profound meaning of unconditional brotherly affection. On the ground, the entire Deployed Department saluted its returning aircraft.

It was our way of reacting to the tremendous loss of a colleague and friend, honouring his memory and striving to smile in the memory of the beautiful moments spent together; determined and proud to carry on with the same passion the mission entrusted to Il Frecce Tricolori.

From here began this period of intense additional training to reconfigure the 2023 Formation of Il Frecce Tricolori and prepare to start the acrobatic season of the centenary of the Military Air Force.

The public appearance of the team will be a flypast of Altare della Patria in Rome.

Image via Il Frecce Tricolori

Image via Il Frecce Tricolori