A report on the BBC Website has confirmed the Weston Air Festival will not return in 2023. North Somerset Council has said to the BBC it could not afford the £135,000 subsidy the Weston-super-Mare event needs.

We don’t feel this is reasonable at a time of cost of living pressures on our budgets and those of households. We are always open to new events for visitors but we are no longer in a position to routinely subsidise these at the expense of taxpayers,” it said.

Councillor Mike Bell said it had “struggled” for years due to rising costs and a lack of aircraft available for display.

Local traders reported that most of the economic benefit was felt by stallholders who came in for the festival rather than our businesses. So it isn’t a case of never again, but it isn’t feasible right now.

“The council faces extra costs of more than £33m next year due to energy cost pressures, inflation, social care, children’s services and waste service demands.We just cannot do everything and some things have to give way,” he said.