The Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation have announced that they have ceased operations with their beautiful Hawker Hunter F-6 N-294 G-KAXF. This Hunter was formally operated in the UK by Kennet Aviation but has now been sold on to Lortie Aviation in Canada. The statement reads:

“The last few years have seen a sharp decline in the number of both military and civilian airshows in the Netherlands and adjoining countries. Mostly, this is due to the Covid-pandemic but also ever increasing costs of organizing such events and more restrictive regulations are contributing factors. For the foreseeable future these trends will not be reversed, and it means that the demand for displays and other airshow appearances of DHHF’s Hunters will be limited.

Against this background DHHF had to conclude that a two aircraft operation is no longer economically viable, and that we have to return to the initial years when DHHF operated just her dual Hunter N-321. Therefore Hunter F.6A N-294 will not return to the sky this spring. She has been sold to Lortie Aviation, Canada where she will join the existing Hunter fleet to provide combat training for the airforces of Canada and the United States. Hawker Hunter N-294 with her screaming ‘blue note’ has been with us for about 12 years, and she will be sorely missed.

With all Covid-restrictions lifted we are now working hard to bring Hunter Mk.68 N-322 finally out of Switzerland to Leeuwarden Air Base; hopefully this will be realized in Q2. A real ‘stunner’, N-322 will take the place of N-321 for training and currency flights. And fitted with a ‘big’ Avon engine she will be a worthy replacement for our single-seater at future airshows.”