The Belgian Air Force has released the 2022 schedule for their F-16AM Fighting Falcon solo display. From the 2022 season the role of displaying the F-16AM Fighting Falcon passes to Commander Steven ‘Vrieske’ De Vries. Steven is one of the most experienced F-16 pilots in the Belgian Air Force having amassed over 5,000 hours on the type. He is also no stranger to the display world having flown as part of the ‘Thundertigers’ formation display seen at the International Sanicole Airshow.


  • 15th – NATO Tiger Meet, Araxos, Greece
  • 21st-22nd – Meeting de l’Air, BA709 – Cognac Chateaubernard, France


  • 12th – RAF Cosford Air Show, United Kingdom
  • 19th – Danish Air Show, Karup, Denmark
  • 25th-26th – Cheivres Air Fest, Belgium


  • 6th – Koksijde Open Door, Belgium
  • 16th-18th – Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, United Kingdom


  • 5th-7th – Flygfesten, Dala-Järna, Sweden
  • 20th-21st – Gydnia Aerobaltic Airshow, Gydnia, Poland
  • 26th-28th – Belgian Grand Prix, Spa, Belgium


  • 2nd-4rd – AIRPOWER22, Zeltweg, Austria
  • 10th – Spottersday, Kleine Brogel, Belgium
  • 10th-11th –  International Sanicole Airshow, Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium
  • 17th-18th – Athens Flying Week, Tanagra Air Base, Athens, Greece