This years Old Buckenham Airshow will feature two completely different aircraft both making their first appearances at the event; the RAF Typhoon FGR4 and the all-electric NUNCATs CH701.

The Royal Air Force Typhoon will be the fastest, most powerful and loudest aircraft ever to visit the Airshow. We can’t say how many horsepower it has because that’s not the way jets are measured. Powered by a pair of EJ200 Turbo jets producing  20,000lb of thrust each the net result is an aircraft which can go from a standstill straight up to 35,000 feet and a speed of 1,150mph (Mach 1.5) in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It won’t be doing this at the Airshow, but it’ll more than likely set off every car alarm in the car park. It’ll do this in the more than capable hands of a Flt. Lt. James Sainty from 29(R) Squadron, Royal Air Force.

In contrast to the 21 tonne Tyhoon comes another airshow first; the public’s first chance to view an aircraft which weighs rather less, 1/42nd in fact. It won’t be flying because it’s still in development. It won’t be making much noise either, ever, because it’s powered solely by electricity and, better yet, that electricity will come exclusively from solar panels. Old Buckenham is home to the NUNCATs CH701 project and the aircraft (which will be running, just not allowed to fly yet) will be on display. While it won’t set off any car alarms off but it will eventually fulfil the vital mission of connecting parts of the developing world where medics can travel for days to reach settlements. With a very short gravel landing strip and a solar panelled shelter anywhere can be reached. A journey of days across a river delta becomes 30 minutes or less and the aircraft will carry pilot, medic and equipment. If the pilot’s also a medic then so much the better. When it gets to it’s destination it gets plugged in and a while later is ready to move on. The Airshow will be the public debut of the prototype which should take to the skies in 2021. It’s the only one in existence right now, but soon it’ll be joined by hundreds more, all born at Old Buckenham where the projects’ factory is planned to be based.

In common with all large events, the Airshow continues to monitor all Government Guidance. At the time of writing we’re a month away from starting the on site build of the event and, at present, the event is very much still on. We’ll be reviewing the situation at the start of June and then make a final decision on or before the 14th June. If the Airshow does not happen in 2021, ALL tickets will be valid for the next time it does occur, in 2022. At present the event is very much still on and ticket sales are breaking new records. There is a distinct possibility that it’ll sell out online, so buy early to save money and avoid disappointment.