Against the backdrop of very challenging operating environment this year, Shuttleworth has two airshows planned for July that will entertain visitors whilst respecting the need for social distancing.

A first for Shuttleworth, Saturday 18 July will see visitors welcomed to a ‘Drive-in’ style airshow where visitors will be provided with a designated area for their vehicle, with enough space for picnicking and designated ‘welfare zones’ of refreshments, toilets and hand sanitiser. Unlike the usual Shuttleworth airshow format in which visitors are encouraged to explore the Swiss Garden, Shuttleworth House, and discovery zones, to ensure social distancing and adhere to Government Guidelines visitors will be asked to sit within the space around their vehicle to enjoy the flying display. Commentary and pre-show music will be broadcast through FM radio, with a flying programme filled with crowd favourites from the Collection including the 1930’s racing DH88 Comet, special operations Lysander, and the AR501 Spitfire. Tickets are per vehicle, and only available online.

Shuttleworth is also offering a second online airshow, planned to coincide with what would have been the third Sunday show of the season on 5 July. With a theme of “Treasured Moments at Old Warden” this online airshow features some memorable visiting display items over the years, including aircraft no longer flying in the UK, or at all. Highlights include the Fiesler Storch, Albatros D.Va, eGo, Optica, Dragonfly and the last public display for the Avro Vulcan XH558. The Bonus feature is a Pilot’s Eye View of Chief Pilot Paul Stone flying the Bristol Boxkite.

Bringing back the magic feeling of Shuttleworth airshows in two formats: online and as a ‘Drive-in’ experience, visitors can look forward to an aviation filled July that should brighten up the Summer!

Onine Airshow (July) Sunday 5 July:

Evening ‘Drive-in’ display on Saturday 18 July: