The Royal Jordanian Falcons have announced their 2019 European Tour Display Dates. Their 2019 tour includes three dates in the UK which include appearances at Old Warden, Yeovilton, the Royal International Air Tattoo and Biggin Hill≥


  • 29th-30th – Meeting de l’Air, BA120 Cazaux, France


  • 7th – Shuttleworth Military Airshow, Old Warden, UK
  • 13th – Royal Navy Intenational Air Day, RNAS Yeovilton, UK
  • 19th-21st – Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, UK
  • 27th-28th – Bray Air Display, Republic of Ireland


  • 17th-18th – Biggin Hill Festival of Flight, UK
  • 24th-25th –Meeting Aérien International de la Somme, Albert Picardie, France


  • 8th – Meeting Aérien de Lens-Bénifontaine, Lens, France
  • 15th – International Sanicole Airshow. Hechtel-Eskel, Belgium
  • 21st-22nd – Athens Flying Week, Tanagra. Greece