Travelling from the other side of the globe, the Royal New Zealand Air Force will be celebrating RAF100 alongside the Royal Air Force on Sunday 10th June at the RAF Cosford Air Show, with their B757-2K2 airliner set to perform in the flying display.

The Boeing 757, which first flew in 1982, is more commonly used by commercial airlines and many visitors to the Air Show may have travelled on the aircraft type during their summer holidays! The Royal New Zealand Air Force, however, use their aircraft for strategic airlift operations, carrying cargo and personnel, including VIP transport and humanitarian aid delivery. This includes operations to deliver supplies to research facilities where the aircraft operates from an ice-runway.

On its trip to the UK, the aircraft will carry exhibits from the Air Force Museum of New Zealand which will be on display at the Air Show, spread across the ‘Vintage Village’ ground displays. Air Show Deputy Director, Marilyn Summers, said, “Showcasing the relationships that the Royal Air Force has with countries around the globe is an important part of our RAF100 celebration. It’s fantastic that the RNZAF will be sending their B757 to display at the Air Show and to have input from the Air Force Museum of New Zealand as part of our unique ground displays.”

Tickets for the RAF Cosford Air Show are selling at an unprecedented rate due to the unique nature of this year’s centenary celebrations. Organisers are advising the public that they should buy their Air Show tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as they look set to sell out in the coming weeks. They are available from the Air Show website and a selection of local outlets including Tourist Information Centres and the RAF Museum. Further details can be found at