Today the organisers of the RAF Cosford Air Show announced plans for next year’s Air Show, on Sunday 10th June 2018, which they promised would be “the most spectacular and interactive Air Show tribute to the Royal Air Force’s centenary.”

The Royal Air Force was formed in 1918, and is proud of its rich history and achievements. From battle-winning performances high above the skies of Britain in the nation’s hour of need to more recent activities that include tackling terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, securing and protecting the skies above the UK and disaster relief around the World, there is much to celebrate at next year’s Air Show on Sunday 10th June.

The RAF Museum's Boulton Paul Defiant 1 - image Peter Reoch

The RAF Museum’s Boulton Paul Defiant 1 – image Peter Reoch

One of the most exciting attractions planned for the Air Show is a showcase of 100 aircraft in a chronological exhibition showcasing the development of aeronautical design and capability over the past century. The first participant of which was announced today, the Boulton Paul Defiant I was a two-seat turret fighter, operated as a night fighter in the 1940-42 by the Royal Air Force during WWII. The airframe, which will be on display at the Air Show, is part of the RAF Museum collection, and is the single surviving complete example of the type worldwide. This airframe also has a local connection; it was built at Boulton Paul’s factory in Pendeford, Wolverhampton, in 1938. This is the first of many RAF Museum aircraft coming out from their hangars to join the special RAF100 exhibition on the airfield.

Air Show Director, Mr Clive Elliott, said, “Planning for the 2018 Air Show has been going on for a long time, the Royal Air Force’s centenary is such an important event to celebrate. We have grand plans to make the RAF Cosford Air Show a once in a lifetime event to Commemorate the RAF’s achievements, Celebrate the RAF of today and Inspire the public about the RAF’s future. “

Tickets for the Air Show have gone on sale today, with organisers holding the price at £25.00 despite increasing costs, with the emphasis being put on providing great value for money for visitors, something reinforced for families as accompanied under-16s can attend the Air Show for free. Visit for more information