RAF Cosford Air Show

RAF Cosford Air Show

The RAF Cosford Air Show today announced exciting plans to display three of the RAF Museum’s rarest experimental aircraft at this year’s show being held on Sunday 19th June 2016.

As part of the air show’s key theme – ‘SPEED: Evolution of the Jet Engine’ – the Bristol 188, Fairey Delta II and Avro 707 will all be rolled out from their usual spots inside the RAF Museum’s hangars and be exhibited outside across the air show site. All three aircraft which are due to be displayed at the air show played a vital role in the advancement of British aviation technologies in the 1950s and 1960s, and their airing is one of many unique attractions planned for the award winning event.

Known as ‘the flaming pencil’ for its sleek looks and intended role as a supersonic research aircraft, the Bristol 188 will be one of the stars of the air show’s ground displays. Master Aircrew Mark Reid, part of the Air Show Operations Team, said “These three aircraft will form part of a unique line-up of vintage British jet aircraft as part of our award winning static aircraft displays, and we are extremely grateful to the RAF Museum for their continued support of the event.”

Tickets for this year’s show are selling fast and are ahead of sales at the same time last year so the Air Show Office is encouraging people to buy their tickets early. Clive Elliott, Air Show Director, said “It is wonderful to be in this position, having sold out of tickets for last year’s event we are expecting the same this year and would recommend buying soon to avoid disappointment. 2015 was our first year as an advance ticket only event, it proved highly successful and we will be repeating this in 2016.”

Discounted Early Bird tickets for the RAF Cosford Air Show 2016 are on sale until 23rd March 2016, priced at £22 and with free entry for accompanied under-16s. Tickets are available online from www.cosfordairshow.co.uk