Over the final third of the 2023 Display Season (16th August – 21st October) Flightline UK conducted a survey of its readership and the airshow going public. Based on the survey conducted in 2020, the survey aimed to :

  • Gauge the public appetite for air displays through the 2023 Display Season and looking ahead to 2024
  • Identify what concerns they had about attending Air Displays
  • Identify any innovations the airshow going public would like to see at future air displays

The survey draw 862 responses with 95% coming from within the United Kingdom. International responses were received from as far away as New Zealand, Australia and Brazil. Flightline UK are extremely grateful to all the organisations that shared the survey.

A full copy of the results can be viewed in the presentation below by clicking on the cover image.

2023 Air Displays - The Public Perspective