The Guernsey Air Display will change dates in 2024 to Thursday 13th June due to a planned (though yet to be fully confirmed) Red Arrows tour to Canada and North America next summer. Usually Guernsey shares a September date close to ‘Battle of Britain Day’ with the annual Jersey International Air Display. Jersey has already confirmed that it will stick to the traditional September date for 2024.

Natalie Davidson, the Guernsey Air Display organiser, said “It’s not the first time we’ve brought the display forward and as the Reds are such a key and popular part of the display it was a pretty easy decision to make.  The Red Arrows will celebrate their 60th display season next year and with a June date, we will be one of the first displays to see the 2024 flying sequence, which changes every year.

If the tour to Canada and North America goes ahead, it is expected the Red Arrows will be available for UK and European events until Mid-July. They will then spend much of August and some of September in North America coinciding with some major events marking the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force.