One of north-west Europe’s most popular civilian airshows, the Leaseweb Texel Airshow, has been cancelled. The Netherlands has seen very few, if any, significant air displays since 2019. 
The organization of the Leaseweb Texel Airshow has decided to cancel the planned 2023 airshow. According to Ed de Bruijn, together with Jan Frederici and Mike de Bruijn responsible for the organization of the three-year event at Texel Airport, several factors are at the base of that decision.
According to De Bruijn, due to the drastically increased costs, it will be difficult to get the budget done. ‘Even if our loyal main sponsor Leaseweb would increase the sponsorship amount, the other sponsors will have to too and we have noticed that the willingness to do so is small. All costs such as accommodation and fuel are also considerably higher. On the contrary, we cannot significantly increase the entrance fees, because then the vast majority of the spectators will look outside the grounds.
Not only the increased costs have led to the decision, the social debate about nitrogen and CO2 emissions also plays a role. ‘Normally speaking, we get a lot of cooperation from the province. Now we have been emailed a laundry list of additional measures, which refers to Natura 2000 and the Nature Protection Act among other things. It’s just a question of whether we can meet all those additional requirements, because there’s a lot of uncertainty. In addition, there is a risk that an additional restriction will come from the high hat at the last minute, which is why we still have to decide to cancel the air show. We can’t take that risk.
The participants form a different risk. ‘We have already approached several civil acts, but the cost of this has also risen tremendously. Participation of military teams is likely to succeed unless tensions with Russia escalate and foreign air forces withdraw their participants. Then we’re sitting with half a program. ‘A decrease in the number of volunteers helping at the airshow and tightened requirements around safety have also contributed to the decision.
Main sponsor Leaseweb was disappointed, but understanding, according to De Bruijn. The relationship between organization and sponsor is and remains excellent. ‘We hope to be able to organize another Texel Airshow in the coming years, with Leaseweb as the main sponsor again.
The Texel Cinema Fly-in on May 20 and the Texel Fly-in of August 26, with the motto Texel Airport Durzaam, will continue.