Flight Lieutenant Adam O’Hare from No 29(R) Squadron based at RAF Coningsby has been named as the 2022 Typhoon Display Pilot. On the team’s Facebook page, Adam says “It’s an absolute dream come true to be given this opportunity. I can not wait for the year that lies ahead. Being able to display the incredible Eurofighter Typhoon all over the UK and overseas whilst hopefully inspiring the future generations of the RAF will be a memory that stays with me forever

The RAF Typhoon Display Team will be displaying over 12 ‘weekends’ from June through to September. The team will again be using the distinctive black painted Typhoon with its patriotic flourishes which has been nicknamed ‘Blackjack.’

Adam is designing a new sequence for 2022 and in a interview with Eurofighter said “Everyone loves to see fast jets going fast. I want to design a sequence that will show off the incredible speed of Typhoon and also its ability to regain that speed quickly from a slower approach.

I want to take it to the maximum possible limit — obviously we’re governed by display rules — and I want to make sure I put smiles on everyone’s faces. I know that everyone likes to have that rumble in their chest when they feel the reheat kick in and, at those high-performance moments, I’ll be doing my best to keep the back end of the jet pointed towards the crowd. That way they will get a real sense of the raw acceleration and power from the two big engines…

I want to do something that the crowds haven’t seen before. I hope that when people see the display, it leaves them wanting more. I want it to be the talk of the car on the way home from the show. That’s the aspiration.