The Shuttleworth Collection has announced its 2021 season of airshows and evening air displays. 2020 saw the Collection underpin a curtailed Display Season with its Drive In airshows held from July onwards. These will continue for the first half of 2021 display season with a revised pricing structure.

The Collection’s website says “This year, we are guaranteeing the format of the Drive In shows for the May, June and July shows and for the Flying Circus in August.

The Shuttleworth Flying Circus is a completely new Drive-In Evening Air Display with incredible and popular barn storming air displays; jaw dropping roving circus performers keeping you entertained from your covid-secure parking box; the famous twilight aerobatic pyrotchenic display and a bonanza fireworks display. Whether a flying circus means to you the Red Baron or the Ministry of Silly Walks, you’ll find it all at the Shuttleworth Flying Circus.

The Collection have also revised their pricing structure for their events in 2021 hopefuly opening up their events to smaller groups. Their website states “Our new pricing structure will help visitors in smaller groups and without a car to attend our shows. It will also help us if we are able to change our formats back to traditional shows for the August, September and October air shows.

Each party must book EITHER a 5×5 metre box for a car/family of 5 OR a 2.5×5 meter box for up to two pedestrians/cyclists/motorcyclists OR a 4.5×8 metre oversized car space for all vehicles over 2 meters high, 2.5 meters wide or 5 meters in length.

Each person then must have a valid air show ticket.

If the law changes to allow the formats of later shows to accept greater audiences, then we will refund the box price and parking will resume in our standard parking format of adjacent close-spaced cars.

If you are shielding and want to guarantee a covid-secure box, then please stick to the May, June, July and Flying Circus shows. Covid-secure boxes cannot be guaranteed for the later shows.

The full listing of 2021 Airshows is as follows:

  • Sunday 2 May – Season Premiere Drive-In Display
  • Saturday 15 May – Spies and Intrigue Evening Drive-in Display
  • Sunday 6 June  – Flying Festival of Britain Drive-In Display
  • Saturday 19 June – A Scurry of Chipmunks Evening Drive-in Display
  • Sunday 4 July –  Military Air Show Drive-in Display
  • Saturday 17 July – Flying for Fun Evening Drive-in Display
  • Sunday 1 August – Need for Speed Family Air Show
  • Saturday 14 August – Flying Circus
  • Sunday 5 September – Vintage Air Show
  • Saturday 2 October – Race Day Air Show

For more information on these events, please visit the Shuttleworth Collection’s 2021 Airshows Page