International Sanicole Airshow DVD

International Sanicole Airshow DVD

Produced by International Sanicole Airshow.

The 2019 International Sanicole Airshow weekend was one of the most memorable weekends of the European air display season. The brought together a truly international line-up of military and civilian displays for three days of aviation action at Sanicole Aeroclub and nearby Kleine Brogel Air Base. 2019 was a particularly special year as it marked the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the Liberation of Belgium. The region around Sanicole Aeroclub was also the staging area for the ground offensive part of Operation Market Garden.

The souvenir DVD of the event is produced by a volunteer team of videographers who capture all the action of the weekend from start to finish. It is however only available for sale for a short period after the show up until Christmas and is only available in DVD format meaning that the viewer doesn’t benefit from the full HD experience. Perhaps a solution to this would be the production producers to explore the option of an online streaming service for future productions.

The DVD offers the main feature with either Flemish or English narration from the main airshow commentators, Chris Christiaens and Ric Peterson. The feature follows the main airshow events of the weekend in chronological order starting with the build-up before moving swiftly into the flying displays from the Friday sunset show.

As is the case with previous editions of the Sanicole souvenir DVD, the excellent flying display footage is augmented with plenty of on-board camera action from most of the various different display acts. However, perhaps the most eye-catching on-board footage comes from the Royal Jordanian Falcons which had 3D Cameras onboard and has allowed the editors to produce some very original sequences.

Coverage of the flying displays is very comprehensive will all displays featured at least once highlighting the superb variety Sanicole offers its spectators. The Sunset Airshow is one of the highlights of the DVD with some really spectacular flare launches and pyrotechnics captured in their full glory. Amongst the other highlights are a spectacular display from a Royal Danish Air Force C-130J, the amazing Krula Oulje (Wings of Storm) team from the Croatian Air Force and the Ukrainian Air Force Su-27.

Providing some short breaks from the aerial action are a number of small featurettes highlighting some of the other activities the Sanicole weekend offers. There is also footage from the Local Community and Schools Day held at Kleine Brogel on the Friday before the show as well as the Spottersday which takes place on the Saturday. This combined with the superb flying display coverage makes for a very complete and superb memento of the 2019 International Sanicole Airshow.