(Image: John Allan.)

Following the introduction by the CAA of the new “Tyro” Display Authorisations in the latest version of CAP 403 Old Buckenham is delighted to confirm that it hosted the show’s first Tyro display. Richard Ellingworth flawlessly displayed his Fairchild Argus in tricky crosswind conditions and was met with a very enthusiastic reception by the crowd and display community alike.

“Tyro” Display Authorisations were introduced by the CAA in order to stimulate growth in the number of pilots seeking a DA. The scheme works by permitting Airshows to include Tyro DA slots over and above the number of acts applied for without extra charge. In the case of Old Buckenham, the usual 12 act display is permitted two additional slots for TDA’s. Those slots may be used by pilots holding a CAA issued Tyro DA letter, valid for 25 months, or a total of 8 displays whichever is the sooner.

The net effect is that Airshows are better able to showcase new talent, whilst new display authorised pilots have far more opportunity to display than previously. This initiative is a significant boost to the ability of Air Displays and Airshows to continue long into the future; with new DA’s the range and number of available displays will likely sustain where it has recently reduced.

Matt Wilkins, Airshow Event Organiser: “We’re delighted to have played host to a small but significant piece of air display history. Considerable thanks are owed to Chris Kidd and Paul Szluha of the CAA without whose considerable advice and assistance the display would not have been possible. Above all, thanks are due to Richard Ellingworth for performing flawlessly in less than ideal conditions at the start of what will doubtless become a very successful display career. Old Buckenham had already pledged to offer TDA spaces to the maximum level available when the new initiative was announced. That pledge will certainly continue and we’d be delighted to hear from any Tyro DA’s looking for a slot in 2019.”