40th International Sanicole Airshow DVD

40th International Sanicole Airshow DVD

Produced by Sanicole Media Team. Available from sanicole.com priced €20 (DVD only)

The winter months are the perfect opportunity to re-call some of the best airshow moments of the year with the various DVD productions. One of the most outstanding events of the European airshow season was the 40th International Sanicole Airshow held in Belgium. The ISA celebrated the milestone in incredible style with a packed and very varied weekend of aviation.

The ISA organisers have been producing DVDs of their event for a few years now. Unusually, the DVD is produced in-house by a specialist team of volunteers but always to a very professional standard.

Running at 90mins, the main feature for the 2017 show is a comfortable viewing length and a has a great flow to it. The quality of the aerial filming is second to none and there is a great variety of camera angles which for 2017 including some really interesting slow-motion capture using 4K cameras and even footage from aerial filming drones.

In the 90 minutes, the main feature covers all of the Sanicole weekend main events; the Friday night Sunset Show, the Kleine Brogel Spottersday held on the Sunday and of course the main International Airshow held on the Sunday. Narration is available in both Flemish and English. Sanicole’s English language commentator Ric Peterson provides the latter as well as some of the video footage for the DVD.

As with previous Sanicole productions, almost of all the display teams carried mini-cams during their displays and that footage augments with the ground based videography. There is some outstanding on-board footage from the Friday evening Sunset show despite the rainy conditions. Mini-cam footage from the Frecce Tricolori really gives the impression of what it is like flying just under the cloud-base through the rain during a display!

The “leaders” formation is also well covered from on-board cameras from the participating aircraft. Also included in the footage is some rehearsal footage of the RAF Typhoon Display Team who were unable to take part during Friday’s display due to the poor weather.

With the better weather experienced during Sunday’s display there are some really sublime sequences of Christian Moullec’s display with his geese, Mikael Carlson and his Bleriot XI and the Patrouille de France.

Breaking up the flying display footage are a series of short films covering the history as well as some of the personalities behind the show. These include interviews and also footage of the special presentation during the after-show party to mark the 40th event.

The 2017 production really articulates the story of the 40th ISA really nicely. It really is a lovely memento of a special event.