Midair Canberra PR9

Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire: The world’s only airworthy Canberra PR9 (XH134) will form part of the flying display at this year’s Farnborough Airshow on 19th – 20th July 2014.

Having successfully passed the display validation for the public event on Monday, XH134 will be in prestigious company, joining the flight programme featuring the RAF Red Arrows and Avro Vulcan XH558. She will continue to remain on static display for the duration of the public event as well.

Midair Squadron pilot Sqn Ldr Dave Piper (Ret.) commented: “The validation process for the Farnborough Airshow ensures the Flying Control Committee (FCC) approve our solo display routine. We’re delighted to include Farnborough as another key feature on the Midair Squadron display season schedule and look forward to next week enormously.”

For further information on the Midair Squadron and their display schedule, please visit www.midair-squadron.com