Today, at their Launch Day, the Belgian Air Force released details of their 2014 display season. The UK is supported on four occasions with the F-16 visiting RIAT and Yeovilton and the Red Devils supporting Cosford and Cleethorpes. (Thanks to Chriss Janssens/Blue Foam)

Red Devils
8 June: Cosford (UK)
14-15 June: Bergnuestadt (Germany)
22 June: Karup (Denmark)
28-29 June: Dax (France)
5-6 June: Nancy (France)
26-27 July: Cleethorpes (UK)
6-7 September: Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)
13-14 September: Kleine-Brogel

A109BA display team
21-22 June: Cazaux (France)
28-29 June: Dax (France)
14 July: Valenciennes (France)
24 August: Kristianstadt (Sweden)
30-31 August: Sliac (Slovakia)
6-7 September: Payerne (Switzerland)
13-14 September: Kleine-Brogel

F-16 Solo display team
18 May: Lens (France)
20-21 June: Gilze Rijen (Orange Country)
28-29 June: Rome (Italy)
5-6 July: Nancy (France)
12-13 July: Fairford (UK)
20 July: Amary (Estonia)
26 July: Yeovilton
30-31 August: Payerne (Switzerland)
13-14 September: Kleine-Brogel
20-21 September: Bardolino (Italy)
26-28 September: Athens (Greece)
27-28 September: Malta