Avro Vulcan B2 XH558If aircraft received Valentine’s Day cards then Vulcan XH558, which has just been confirmed for this summer’s Royal International Air Tattoo in the Cotswolds, would be inundated today!

That’s the belief of the airshow organisers who have chosen Valentine’s Day to announce the participation of an iconic aircraft that continues to inspire strong feelings of passion among its army of supporters.

Vulcan XH558 is the only flying example of this large Cold War bomber in the world having been restored to flying condition in 2007 following a public fundraising campaign by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTTS) that helped raise more than £7 million.

The appeal of the delta-winged Vulcan owes as much to its curvaceous design as it does its sheer size and power. In the air, its thunderous yet graceful display is one of the most eagerly-anticipated on the UK airshow circuit.

As well as watching its display at RAF Fairford on July 20-21, visitors will be able to visit the Vulcan Village within the Air Tattoo’s Vintage Zone to find out more about the aircraft and talk to members of the aircrew.

Air Tattoo Chief Executive Tim Prince said: “It was people’s love for the Vulcan and their desire to see it fly again that enabled the incredible fundraising team to do the impossible and bring this amazing aircraft back to flying condition.”

VTTS Director Michael Trotter said that whilst he hoped Vulcan XH558 would appear at many more Air Tattoos, there was a possibility that this may be her last one. He said: “The engineering team is working with leading aviation industry specialists to ensure that XH558 can continue flying for as long as possible, but there are complex technical issues to be resolved.

“The Air Tattoo audience is substantial and very appreciative. We are always asked if we will be at Fairford as it is important both in the UK and for the aircraft’s overseas supporters, many of whom come over specially to see her fly at the airshow.”

The Air Tattoo is the world’s greatest airshow and is staged in support of the RAF Charitable Trust. July’s event will feature a thrilling seven-hour flying display, a large static aircraft park and a wide range of interactive family entertainment. For a full list of all the visitor opportunities and to purchase Earlybird tickets, visit airtattoo.com – all under-16s go free.