RAF Waddington International Airshow 2012 DVD Cover

RAF Waddington International Airshow 2012 DVD Cover

Produced by The Media Group; Available from The Media Group priced £15.99.

2012 saw one of the best RAF Waddington International Airshows of recent years with a superb selection of modern military displays from across Europe and beyond. In particular the show was memorable for the international display debut by the Republic of  Korean Air Force’s national display team, the Black Eagles as well as a appearances by the Saudi Hawks, the Swiss Air Force F/A-18C Hornet and Super Puma, Dutch F=16 Demo Team as well as an array of UK based types.

Recent DVD releases of the Waddington International Airshow have been produced by The Media Group who bring a unique style to the Airshow DVD format. TMG put a lot of effort into some ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, not only of the many display items and aircraft that visit for the airshow, but also of the day-to-day life of RAF Waddington. That starts immediately with the station commander of RAF Waddington introducing the airshow and the station to to the viewer. Further filming includes visits to the Survival Equipment Section and interviews with personnel that service 5(AC) Squadron’s Sentinel R1 fleet and the RAF Regiment Auxiliary. While the format of the production a familiar to previous productions, the flying display commentary for the 2012 production is provided by the excellent Ben Dunnell, part of the new commentary team at the show this year.

2012 is an important year as Waddington also celebrated “The Year of Lincolnshire Aviation.” This is marked in the production with a very touching film about 92 year old Squadron Leader Edgar Pickles of the Royal Australian Air Force who served with 100 Squadron during the Second World War. Edgar visited the RAF Waddington Airshow and met the modern day 100 Squadron who were showing off one of their specially marked Hawk T1s marking the units 95th Anniversary.

The flying display is covered very well with both footage of the action as well as interviews with key personalities. The Korean Black Eagles appear very early on the film and receive some superb coverage with interviews and some striking on board footage. There’s also in depth coverage of Il Frecce Tricolori, Dutch F-16, Swiss Super Puma Demo Team and Saudi Hawks amongst others.

We have come expect great things from TMG’s coverage of the Waddington International Airshow, and they have not disappointed us with their 2012 coverage. With the superb line-up that Waddington offered this year this is possibly one of the best airshow DVDs of the year.