Peter Eager - Picture by John Periam

Peter Eager - Picture by John Periam

It is with regret that the organisers of the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) Shoreham Airshow have to report the passing of the Display Director and Commentator Peter Eager after a short illness.

“It is a very sad day for us all,” said Don Bean MBE Airshow Organiser. It was 23 years ago that Peter (then Manager of Southern Air) met Don at Shoreham Airport and both decided to hold a small Fete in the South East corner of the airfield. “That day the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was in the area and they did a fly through. We managed to give RAFA £1,300. To date we have now given almost one point eight million pounds to RAFA funds,” added Don.

Peter was one of those charismatic characters whose knowledge of aviation made his commentary skills that bit special. He knew his facts and had a manner of putting them over that made the public at Shoreham feel they were listening to a discussion in ones living room. It was personal and he always spoke from the airside where he introduced the pilots and guests to the public.

A good listener Peter was a caring person and offered his advice when needed in a friendly and positive manner which gained him high respect from many aircrews. His pre airshow crew briefings will long be remembered for their informal content supported by his wife Michelle with some of her poems linked to those attending.

He did the commentary at the Goodwood Revival each year and was often to be seen with the late great Raymond Baxter talking about the history of aviation. Peter had so much respect for this man!

His commentary skills became a household name and extend to other events including some family days for the Royal Air Force at several stations in East Anglia where he lived with his wife Michele and son and daughter James and Catherine.

Derek Harber acting airshow organiser said, “Peter although he was not well, made a concerted effort to attend this year’s Shoreham Airshow as well as the Goodwood Revival. He so much wanted to do it and meet up with his many palls from the world of aviation. He will be sadly missed but will leave a legacy for all!”