Gary Connery

Gary Connery

Following his two celebrated showcase events this year, Olympics opening ceremony aerial stuntman GARY CONNERY will make an exclusive appearance at Dunsfold Wings & Wheels on Monday 27th August.

Gary will combine his wing-suit world record achievement with a deployment by canopy in front of a thrilled audience. Arriving in a James Bond-esque pursuit in an AC Cobra, Gary will make good his escape by helicopter, before exiting to make his trademark wing-suit flight, deploying the canopy just in time to make a target landing in front of the audience. He’ll then return to the wheel of the Cobra before joining the crowd for meet and greets and photographs

Garry Connery comments: “I have always had a passion for flying and cars. To be involved in a show that brings the two together is wonderful and I can’t wait to share my wingsuit flight with so many people in one day at Wings & Wheels. The visual experience will be awesome.”

Over 1 billion people worldwide watched Gary’s last performance as he stood in for the skydiving ‘Queen’s’ dramatic arrival at the Olympics Opening Ceremony with James Bond on Friday 27th July 2012. It was the most talked-about sequence of Danny Boyle’s stunning three hour ceremony.

Gary made his first parachute jump as an Army recruit at the age of 23 and has since become a professional stuntman. The 42-year-old daredevil is a veteran of the skies with over 880 sky dives, 450 base jumps and dozens of film and television roles, as well as having leapt from famous buildings including the top of London’s Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Nelson’s Column and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Jamie McAllister, Event Director, Wings & Wheels comments: “We are thrilled to announce that Gary is joining our Wings line-up on Monday 27th August with his unique wing-suit display. He’s renowned for his world record attempts and more recently his stand in role as the Queen at the Olympics Opening Ceremony and is a welcome addition to what is shaping up to be our most exciting Wings & Wheels Show to date.”