Dunsfold Wings and Wings 2011 DVD Cover

Dunsfold Wings and Wings 2011 DVD Cover

Produced by Planes TV; available from price £16.99 DVD; £24.99 Blu-Ray

Dunsfold is one of your reviewer’s favourite airshows of the year.It is quite different from other airshows as historic cars and military vehicles are given equal billing to aviation displays.

This year’s show proved to be another highlight of the season though did have to put up with it’s fair share of problems. The Red Arrows were forced to pull out following the tragic events are Bournemouth Airport and then there was a very last minute cancellation of the Vulcan on the first show day. Despite this the superb action laid on by the organisers meant everyone went home happy.

One of the touches that really makes Dunsfold is the commentary double act of Melvyn Hiscock and Brendan O’Brien who manage to pack a great level of fact in with some typically British humour. Much of that commentary is captured by Planes TV who have also managed to cram in the highlights from the motoring to give a true sense of the unique Dunsfold atmosphere.

The flying action is superbly well captured despite some very variable light levels. There’s some great footage of the unique Hawker Sea Fury and Hunter formation that was one of the true highlights of the show. Further to that footage there’s some great on-baord angles on the F-86A Sabre, Fox Glider, Tiger Club Turbulent Team and the Tigers Parachute Display Team.

This is a fine reminder of a great weekend or an excellent introduction to one of the best events on the circuit!