RAF Waddington International Airshow 2011 DVD

RAF Waddington International Airshow 2011 DVD

Produced by The Media Group; available from The Media Group DVD Sales priced £15.99

Recently, the Waddington International Airshow DVDs have been amongst the best airshow productions released each year and we feel the 2011 edition will be no different!

What really marks the Waddington productions out from the rest of the extensive behind the scenes coverage the producers put in the production, and it is not limited to airshow related activities. A really nice touch to the 2011 production is the links between the flying and static displays to the day-to-day activities at Waddington. For example features on the Boeing E-3D sentry Simulator and Maintenance personnel followed the opening station flypast and a feature on the Air Battlespace Training Centre followed the display feature on the Tornado GR4 role demo. An air-to-air refuelling training sortie with an E-3D Sentry also provided another feature with cameras in the cockpit during a link-up with a USAF KC-135.

As well as the flying displays, an number of the static display aircraft also feature, some with extra behind the scenes footage and interviews with crew.

The filming of the flying display matches the high quality of the rest of the production with a number of different angles both on and behind the crowd-line as well as on the live side of the flying. There are a number of interviews with the pilots and other display crews as well as some extra footage of the aircraft being prepared for their displays. Naturally the Red Arrows and the USAF Thunderbirds feature well with some superb footage from their own PR material as well as that filmed at the show.

With some superb smooth filming, excellent image quality and informative commentary from Andy Pawsey the Waddington 2011 DVD is a superb souvenir of the airshow.