Sunderland Airshow DVD Cover

Sunderland Airshow DVD Cover

Produced by Planes TV, available from – DVD £12.99, Blu-Ray £18.99

The Sunderland International Airshow is the UK biggest two day seaside event regularly attracting massive crowds and superb support from UK and overseas military air arms. In 2010 the show enjoyed some good weather for both it’s opening evening display and the main show days.

As with previous productions from Planes TV the filming is superb, but the narration is somewhat mono-tone and lifeless despite being factually accurate. This is disappointing in a production from a seaside venue where the audience would not nescessarily be hardened aviation enthusiasts! In fact I found myself rapidly heading for the Audio button  – a useful function with Planes TV’s DVD is that the narration can be switched off without losing the interviews.

Interviews are a strong point of the production and not only include those conducted with the participants, but also with the flying display director about the evening show and the Royal Marines Commandos.

The filming starts with the evening show which opens the event with some spectacular footage of the Hunter, Swift Team plus wingtip pyrotechnics and the Dutch F-16 burner passes and flare release.  Other highlights include “helmet-cam” footage from the RAF Falcons and the commando assault. Overall, this is a good memento from one of the UK’s most popular airshows.