Produced by The Media Group; Available from The Media Group priced £15.99

The Media Group have once again produced a a very different and interesting interpretation of an airshow DVD. As well as coverage of the flying display highlights there are a number of other background features covering some of Waddington’s units as well as airshow preparations. The E-3D Sentry AEW1 crew provide a “video diary” of their own preparations for the opening station flypast while other sections focus on 8 Squadron’s Memorial Garden, the Waddington Fire Crews, the Air Traffic Control Caravan  as well as preperations for the Tornado GR4 Role Demo and Harrier GR9 displays amongst others.

It is very fitting that the Harrier GR9 Role Demo features so well in the DVD following the work of the engineers as well as the pilot in light of the recent announcement that Harrier would be retired from RAF in March 2011. The DVD also includes interviews with several of the display pilots providing some unique background to some of varied displays that graced Waddington’s sunny skies this year.

The image quality of the filming is superb throughout though there are a few instances of the cameramen being thwarted by some of the clutter on the crowdline which is slightly distracting. Andy Pawsey provides an excellent commentary to the displays which is informative and full of facts yet easy to listen to. Occasionally, the producers have taken some live commentary direct from some of the display team’s own commentators. Sadly though this seems of have picked up the sound distortion from the PA system which means the sounds quality isn’t up to the standard of the rest of the production which is another minor niggle.

Overall, this is an excellent production and reminder of one of the best Waddington Airshows held in recent years. Few other airshow DVDs cover such a diverse range of subjects relating to the running of an airshow and RAF Waddington itself which some other productions can often brush over. The DVD is available from