RIAT 2010 DVD Cover

RIAT 2010 DVD Cover

Produced by Adrenalin Television, available from airtattoo.com priced £16.95 (Collectors Edition £24.95, Standard Edition Blu-Ray £24.95, Collectors Edition Blu-Ray £35)

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is the biggest annual airshow in the country in terms of participating aircraft and one of the largest military airshows in the world.  With that size, the RIAT has set high standards for airshow organisation. Those high standards are reflected in this production which is produced with high quality High Definition broadcast standard equipment. The camera-work is mostly superb, though the opening display coverage of the Swedish Air Force Gripen is noticeably shaky in comparison to the rest of the footage and other productions.

The running time is just under 2 hours, and gets into the action straight away after an all too short look at the Display Briefing and a short piece of interview with Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton. However, there are plenty of background interviews and behind the scenes footage within the rest of the production which is very pleasing.

With eight hours of flying displays to cram into just 110 minutes running time, it’s unsurprising that the displays come thick and fast with some just recieving a few seconds of attention. However, all of the significant and memorable displays receive appropriate levels of attention. A real highlight of the footage in the in-cockpit footage from the Belgian F-16! The amazing visibility from the cockpit gives and outstanding impression of what the display is like from the pilot’s point of view as well as superb shots of the showground from the air!

The Battle of Britain segment of the flying receives a great deal of attention with some archive footage as well as some great coverage of the visiting veterans at the Tattoo. Many of the aircraft in the formation were also fitted with onboard cameras too giving another perspective of the flypasts which are really brought to life in the DVD.

The DVD is closed by the displays by the F-22 Raptor and the RAF’s Spitfire/Typhoon duo displays, the clear highlights of the weekend. The F-22 is particularly well covered with interviews with the display pilot and the groundcrew, though thankfully the DVD narrator Ben Dunnell provides the commentary instead of the rather over-enthusiastic team commentator.

This year’s RIAT DVD production is a superb reminder of the show and is highly recommended. For additional £8, The collectors edition features additional coverage including the arrivals, departures and other displays not covered in the main production as well as interactive in-cockpit footage.