British Airshows 2009 DVD Cover

British Airshows 2009 DVD Cover

Produced by Planes TV; Available from Planes TV priced £24.99

The British Airshows compilation videos and DVDs have become something of an institution for airshow fans. With clips from all the major airshows up and down the country, there’s no more comprehensive coverage than this. The package arrives on two DVDs. DVD 1 is the main feature while DVD 2 is exclusively Planes TV’s trademark interactive in-cockpit footage.

For DVD 1, footage is obtained from all the official DVD’s as well as some bespoke footage from other events. In the past, this has looked a little ragged on Video format, however the chapter format on DVD suits it well. For Planes TV to get to all the events featured in this DVD would be an impossible task, so other production companies have contributed footage from the likes of Duxford and RIAT. At times, this does cause a few inconsistancies in the production. For example, the coverage of the Duxford Spring Airshow does not feature any narration which is a shame as that airshow had a particularly theme to all it’s displays which is not explained and at times, some awkward editing. There’s also a couple of shows with footage that’s maybe not quite up to the usual standards of airshow DVDs we’ve seen this summer.

The Vulcan has featured well in Planes TV’s productions, so it’s little surprise to see it’s departure from Bruntingthorpe and subsequent display a the private Brize Norton families day feature early in the DVD. It’s also the only item from the Windermere Airshow shown in the DVD which is perhaps a little disappointing as seeing any act in this scenery would be spectacular!

However, it is good to see a number of other venues appear that haven’t been covered by separate DVD’s such as Clacton, Dunsfold and Silverstone as well as the Hurricane Gathering at North Weald right at the end of october.

The second DVD in the set covers the best of the “Interactive In-cockpit” footage Planes TV have covered throughout the year. We’ve seen many of them before, but they are always worth a watch as they often show little details about a display you fail to appreciate watching from the ground, or from normal video footage. Our favourite from the year has to be the F-16 and Spitfire footage from Eastbourne – truly amazing stuff.

For those wanting to see all the best bits from the 2009 season, this is the must-have DVD and if you’re only going to but one DVD each year we think this one is the one for you. We’re already looking forward to the 2010 instalment.