Vulcan Effect Blu-Ray Cover

Vulcan Effect Blu-Ray Cover

Produced by Planes TV; Available from Planes TVBlu-Ray £24.99, DVD £15.99

There’s little doubt that the 2009 season was dominated by the Vulcan. The aircraft’s story during the display season had all the ups and downs you’d associate with ant popular soap opera. The production is narrated by Sean Maffett, the aircraft’s official commentator.

The production starts on high introducing the viewer to some of the many faces behind the display. Many of these people are overlooked by the airshow going public but they play a vital role in getting Vulcan airworthy. The season for the aircraft started off on a high with successful test flights and practice displays at Brize Norton. There’s some stunning footage from the first few displays at Cosford, Volkel, Kemble and Biggin.

It’s very good that Planes TV didn’t shy away from the the difficult period in early July when the Vulcan arrived for Waddington Airshow only to find it’s Permit were not going to be renewed in time for it’s displays there. The low ebb continued for another week where weather cost Vulcan another public display at RNAS Yeovilton.

But every hero needs a dramatic comeback – cue RIAT, Lowestoft and the stunning Windermere Airshow. RIAT is covered in some detail including that take-off on the Sunday. Many of the Vulcan’s display appearances are covered including highlights of Dawlish (in formation with the Red Arrows), Bournemouth, the World Aerobatic Championships at Silverstone, re-enacting the Black Buck at Cosby and it’s stunning appearance at RAF Leuchars. Interviews are interspersed throughout, even with the viewing public demonstrating the affection for the cold war warrior.

The finale of “The Vulcan Effect” is nothing short of spectacular. High definition on board cameras cover the aircraft’s appearance at the Southport Airshow including the flyover of Woodford, where the Vulcan was built . But it’s not all over, Planes TV’s Iain Campbell gets the chance of a lifetime for film the Vulcan air to air from Ultimate High’s Extra 300L. The result is a truly fascinating sequence of filming despite the some typically grey weather and the cramp conditions in the front seat of the Extra! In Blu-Ray form, this sequence is epic.

The film ends at the Vulcan’s current home at RAF Lyneham with some more of the behind-the-scenes activities. The Vulcan faces some important fund raising over the winter and proceeds from the Blu-Ray/DVD goes to help keeping Vulcan flying.  Even if you’re not a Vulcan fan, this a superb record of  a “year-in-the-life” of an airshow icon.  This is a stunning production and Planes TV really have done the Vulcan proud.