RAF Waddington IAS DVD Cover

RAF Waddington IAS DVD Cover

Produced by The Media Group (TMG); Available from http://www.tmgsupport.co.uk/RAF/ priced £14.99

The largest of the RAF airshows, the Waddington International Air Show took place in relatively good weather in early July. The show featured the usual mix of RAF and international military displays as well as few select civilian acts. However, the 2009 edition of the show will probably be remembered for the Vulcan’s non-appearance in the flying displays due to paperwork issues!

It is with the Vulcan that this production starts with it’s arrival and practice displays during the Press Day the Thursday before the the show weekend. Coverage of the press day is just one of many “Access All Areas” features contained within the production. There are plenty of interviews with aircrews and important personalities at RAF Waddington. The latter includes the Air Traffic Control officers during arrivals day, the organisers in the airshow office and coverage from the Pilot’s Briefing. It’s particularly pleasing to see such detail in an airshow DVD as are the amount of interviews. Rather than just a record of the show, this DVD really tries to explore some of the different aspects of running the show and background to many of the aircraft.

Narration (which can be turned off like many other airshow DVDs) is provided by Andy Pawsey for the most part. Some of the team displays are accompanied by recordings of the actual show commentary from their respective commentators. For some of these, the sound quality is such compromised by a poor microphone, but the audio is well edited and follows the on-screen action.

The filming of the displays is particularly good, particularly given that TMG do not regularly film airshows. There’s no strobing propellors or jerky camera movements and image quality is excellent. The camera locations are very varied being on the live side airfield, crowdline and little further back capturing the showground as well as the aircraft in the air. There’s also good use of on=board cameras with the likes of the Blades and Team Guinot providing a very different view of the show.

Overall, the quality production and extensive behind the scenes filming makes this a very exciting and interesting DVD for anyone who was at Waddington, or is interested in airshows in general.