RAF Cosford Airshow 2009 DVD Cover

RAF Cosford Airshow 2009 DVD Cover

Produced by Planes TV; Available from Planes TV priced £15.99

The first really big airshow of 2009 took place at RAF Cosford. The small, elegant RAF station is perhaps the perfect venue for a flying display. RAF Cosford Airshow 2009 was a particularly varied affair with some great civilian and international display acts joining the RAF regulars.

Planes TV’s production runs for 75 minutes. As you would expect the footage is of high quality and there’s no distracting music during the main feature. The narration is provided by Cosford’s own airshow commentator, Sean Maffett.  The production starts with some opening shots of the show-ground before instantly going into the action with the large model radio controlled aircraft.

The displays are all very captured, though some footage is not from the show day itself. There’s also a few displays missing (we have been told by Planes TV this was due to technical issues with their recording equipment). There’s some good on-board footage too. However, there two sections of the main footage that make this DVD stand out. Firstly, there’s the highlights of Airsound’s “In to the wild blue yonder” production. This covered three displays (Anna Walker in the P-51D, the RAF Chinook and RAF Hawk) with interviews with display pilots, enthusiasts and the general public on their emotions surrounding aeroplanes and flight.

The second is the coverage of the Vulcan’s 2009 display debut in which is very obvious to see Planes TV’s and Sean Maffett’s enthusiasm for the aircraft.

The interactive section covers displays from the RAF Falcons, Blades and RAF Chinook. Footage from the latter two is very interesting, particularly the on-board audio coverage from the Chinook crew! Overall, this is a very good production despite the in complete coverage of the actual show days.