Abingdon DVD Cover

Abingdon DVD Cover

Produced by Planes TV: Available from Planes TV Online Shop priced £9.99

A good place to start would be the Abingdon Air & Country Show, one of the very first airshows of the year. The Abingdon show was one of the first for Planes TV using new camera equipment bringing some very good image quality throughout the DVD.

The DVD starts with a brief look around the show with some passing shots of the classic cars and even the daleks! The “aviation” side of the DVD is opened by the dramatic arrival of the RAF’s C-17A Globemaster III. For anyone who was actually at the show, you’ll remember just what a sight it was and PlanesTV capture it well. Interviews with the crew are particularly welcome.

The flying displays are all captured well with the odd interview and some stunning on-board footage of the Jet Provost, Swift Aerobatic Display Team and the even the Tigers Parachute Display. It would have been nice maybe to have a little more interviews, particularly from those displays with the onboard footage.

The bonus features for this particular DVD are the complete display sequences from the Jet Provost and Swift Team’, the departure of the C-17 and even some footage from 2008.  The Jet Provost and Swift Team footage features Planes TV unique “Interactive” functions utilising the “ANGLE” function. This allows you a very close up view of the action including the concentration on Guy Westgate’s face during the famous “roll-on-tow” and the smoke trails leaving the wingtips during the glider solo! The only slightly strange thing is the sound is from a ground recording and you occasionally get the noise of a support vehicles during the on-board footage!

As a record of the day, this is good production which captures the event really well without many distractions.