6th May 2018, Abingdon Airfield (Dalton Barracks), Oxfordshire

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One of the first major shows of the year is the Abingdon Air and Country Show. The show has grown into a well respected event attracting a wide range of different displays from the military and civilian worlds. The show has even attracted international participation with Polish and American participants and the Royal Netherlands F-16 Demo Team. As well as 3.5 hour flying display, the show retains it’s country show theme with arena events and local trade stalls.

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Latest Aircraft Participation

Royal Air Force

  • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Avro Lancaster B1 (FP)
  • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Supermarine Spitfire (FP)
  • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Hawker Hurricane IIc (FP)

Royal Navy

  • Royal Navy Historic Flight – Hawker Sea Fury T10 (F)

Classic Jets and Cold War Era Types

  • de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T10 (S) RTW2018
  • de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T10 (S) Private
  • de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T10 (S) Private
  • BAC Strikemaster Mk82a (F/S) NWMAS
  • Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 (S) Private
  • Westland Wasp HAS1 (F/S) NavyWings
  • Westland Gazelle HT2 (F/S) NavyWings/Gazelle Squadron
  • de Havilland Canada Beaver AL1 (F/S) Army Historic Aircraft Flight
  • Westland Scout AH1 (F/S) Army Historic Aircraft Flight
  • Taylorcraft Auster x 2 (F/S)
  • Slingsby Venture T2 (S) Private
  • Slingsby Sedburgh T1 (S) Private
  • Slingsby T7 Cadet (S) Private
  • Westland Gazelle HT3 (S) Gazelle Squadron
  • Westland Gazelle HCC4 (HT3) (S) Gazelle Squadron
  • Gloster Meteor T7 1/2 (S) Martin Baker
  • Beagle Husky (S) Private
  • Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 (S) Private


  • Supermarine Spitfire PRXI (F/S) Hangar 11
  • Supermarine Spitfire IXT (F/S) Air Leasing Ltd
  • Hispano HA1112-M4L Buchon (F/S) Air Leasing Ltd
  • Beech C-45 Expeditor (Model 18) (F/S) Anthony Houghton
  • Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (F/S) Plane Sailing
  • North American Harvard (F/S) T6 Harvard Aviation
  • North American Harvard (S) Hurricane Heritage
  • Great War Display Team – Avro 504K (F)
  • Great War Display Team – RAF BE2c (F)
  • Great War Display Team – Junkers CL1 (F)
  • Great War Display Team – Sopwith Triplane (F)
  • Great War Display Team – RAF SE5a x 2 (F)
  • Great War Display Team – Fokker Dr1 x 2 (F)
  • de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth (S) Private
  • Fairchild Argus x 2 (S) Private


  • Pitts S-2S Special (F/S) Rich Goodwin
  • Pitts Model 12 (F/S) Peter Borchert/The Super Pitts
  • Jump4Heroes Parachute Display Team (F)
  • Slingsby T67M Firefly (F/S) Rod Dean
  • Antonov An-2 (F/S) Parachute Support


AIRCRAFT” – New Addition, (F) – Flying Display, (S) – Static Display, (F/S) – Flying and Static Display, (FP) – Flypast Only, (V) – Visiting Aircraft, (SP) – Support Aircraft, “AIRCRAFT” & (TBC)Participation To Be Confirmed by Organiser

CREDITS: Great War Display Team, Plane Sailing Catalina Operations ; NavyWings